3 Days to Due Date & Day 3 of Log

26 Nov

I feel this is quite a symmetrical post. It doesn’t seem like my due date is 3 days away. In fact, in my mind I have the sensation that my due date is more like 13 days away. 13 days is the maximum I could be pregnant. The baby really could come tonight. I’m actually anticipating Wednesday, since I will be 39 weeks and 6 days along, and that is when Hadassah came. The days are just passing at full speed ahead.

I did nothing of consequence today except cough and laundry. I washed all the bedding (got to get all our sick germs out!) and I love that clean feeling. If it were up to me I would wash our comforter at least once a week, but since we broke our washer doing that I have to space it out. But, the good news is, I can rest easy knowing that Fernando will sleep well at the hospital. I washed 2 extra comforters for us to take to the hospital for his bed. I am quite excited about that item going in our “hospital bag”.

The other major news of the day was back ache and major major indigestion. My stomach is burning and I only ate chicken noodle soup. Ugh.

Tomorrow my mom is coming and I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll spend the day cleaning, making Chile, and I desperately need to run to the store for items I thought I had stocked up on (like coffee and cream!) but I discovered we are already running low. I also decided I must pick up another warm mist humidifier. Nights in Colorado are horrible on the innards, especially in the winter.

Thankfully, I was able to take a delicious 20 minute naps, and Hadassah took two naps today. However, she did have another extremely early morning.

Right now I am just enjoying feeling Emmanuel’s light and gentle movements. It is very calming. I forgot to mention 2 days ago that he was moving like a madman and I was getting horrible shooting pains in my back, down below, and even in to my leg. Right now I am feeling a normal amount of movement!

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