Log #2

25 Nov

Here I go again with a full account of my day. I hope baby boy gets here soon, because 2 weeks of a daily log might get boring for some (not me, but do I count?).

First, I want to point out that I am FOUR days from my due date. Tic-toc-tic-toc! I’m not sure what I will do if I go over my due date, but I promise I’ll have a good blog post in there.


I had an absolutely miserable morning (or night?). I woke up at around 3am. This, however, was not due to my typical once a week pregnancy insomnia. It started with my typical nightly pregnancy bladder relief and when I crawled back in to bed I realized I was rather cold, which is completely bizarre since I am sweating when the thermostat reads 66 degrees. I also felt like the fan was blowing cold dry air right in my face, which made things more uncomfortable. As the minutes ticked by, I started feeling a tightness in my chest. It is the kind of tightness you feel when you are coming down with a despot pry infection. I could not find any relief. Finally at about 4am, my chest was desperate for moisture, so I hopped in the shower and felt some relief. Afterwards, I made some tea, realized I was starving and ate some cereal, and spent some time reading. A bit before 6am, Fernando sleepily came out to the living room to see if I was ok. I was contemplating just staying up for the day, but I decided maybe I felt recovered enough to enjoy an early morning nap.

I laid down and immediately felt uncomfortable again, but my insides weren’t as dry as they were in the middle of the night, and I managed to drift in and out of sleep till 8am.

I readied Hadassah for church on my own since Fernando had already left to play the piano during the service. The morning passed quickly and I of course arrived late to church. However, I’d like to think it is more because I was allowing Hadassah to walk, which is good practice for her.

After church Fernando tool Hadassah home since I realized that this baby hasn’t came and I needed to pick up some ingredients to have a few possible meals this week (so much for hoping that my grocery shopping trip last week was my last before baby arrived).

Since I am/was feeling yucky, I had the bright idea to call my sister for her homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. I got the ingredients for that, Chile, and as long as we have some Tilapia fillets in the freezer, I think we will be set for the week as far as dinners go.

I got home, prepped the still semi-frozen chicken for boiling, and spent much of the afternoon preparing our lunch. My homemade noodles turned out looking like steak fries, because when I was cutting them from the dough my pregnancy brain was thinking they would shrink while cooking, but they expanded. Silly me. However, the soup still turned out edible.

After a 3pm lunch and cleaning up, Fernando stuck Hadassah straight in the bathroom. She had chicken broth all over her. After that, I confess I turned on Baby Einstein and took a snooze on the couch. Remember, not only did I not sleep well but I possibly am coming down with a cough so I don’t feel 100% well.

After my nap, I tried to get Hadassah to eat and drink some more since she has been borderline dehydrated since yesterday. I just finished putting her to bed, and that is my day.

Tonight I’m going to read and relax, crank up our warm mist humidifier, and definitely take a Tylenol PM.


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