39 week update

21 Nov

Today was my 39 week appointment.  After I posted last night, not only did I continue to feel “off,” but I started having timeable contractions.  They were not horrible, but it made me nervous knowing that I was already at 4cm with zero effort.  I figured if I was feeling something, I could possibly go in to labor quickly, or at the very least dilate even more, making me super nervous to even walk around for fear that baby would just fall out of me!

However, I suppose the “good” news is that when I went to my appointment today, I had no change in my cervix since last week.  My goal is not to have this baby early, but I was entertaining the idea of having him over Thanksgiving break just so Fernando could not worry about taking days off.  I also wouldn’t mind going past my due date, except for the fact I really would prefer to not have another December birthday in our family (there are 5 in our immediate family), plus all the Christmas festivities make December quite busy anyway.  Even with my patience, I couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed with my appointment today.  Last night I went to bed (with great difficulty because I felt really accelerated) expecting to have to go in to the hospital in the middle of the night.  I thought that if I didn’t go in to labor last night, that surely it would be around the corner and we wouldn’t be able to continue with our Thanksgiving plans.  However, now that I heard I’ve been sitting at 4 cm for at least a week, I think I will sleep better tonight.  I was having anxiety thinking about what I would do with my Thanksgiving food I prepared if I went in to labor tonight.  I doubt I will and am also happy I will be able to relax and just enjoy Thanksgiving.

Here’s hoping I make it just fine to Turkey Day!


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