Any Last Words?

18 Nov

Today I am 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant. While I could be pregnant for another 3 weeks (oh my gosh… That is the MAXIMUM I can be pregnant!), I am anticipating going in to labor on time, if not sooner. So, I’m thinking I will have a baby in…ELEVEN DAYS OR LESS! Sorry for the caps; I have written out many countdowns but for some reason it is just now clicking! Yikes!

Now that I have thoroughly distracted myself, I will get back to the purpose of my post.

Baby #2 will be here soon, and I can’t help thinking: “this may be the last time I do such-and-such before the baby comes!” This morning as I was getting ready for church, I thought, “This may be the last time I get ready (showered, hair done, make up, and nice clothes) before I go in to labor.” I also thought that next week at church will probably be the last time I go to church with only one baby (on the outside of the womb). I went out to eat today and chose Red Robin and thought, “I better make this a good meal, because it could be the last one before I go in to labor” (however, even though I haven’t eaten since this afternoon, I’m still not in labor, so I might have my last supper tomorrow instead.). This week I (of course) have my 39 week appointment, and I was thinking how that very well could be my last prenatal appointment. Tomorrow or the following day I will be doing some grocery shopping, and I REALLY think that will be my last time to the store before baby comes (gosh, I hope so, because I hate grocery shopping).

All of these “lasts” are exciting, but typing them out is kind of freaking me out. So, right now, I’m trying to think of my last words…I think I would say how much I love having my little boy with me 24/7. I love taking him with me everywhere I go, every day. I’ve enjoyed him so much as a tenant. I am also so excited to meet him officially and thank God for the blessing of our son! Will these be my last words? Only time will tell.

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