37 week update

9 Nov

Wow.  Well, here I am.  There are 2 weeks and 6 days left until my due date.  I have been feeling pretty well.  It was exciting to

The Gentle Birth drops I have been using

approach last week’s milestone of 36 weeks.  After my 36 week appointment, I started what I like to call actively participating in my labor.  At 36 weeks, I started using Evening Primrose Oil, which is used to soften the cervix, making conditions for labor more favorable.  Also on my list to do?  Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea… which, since it has been an unusually warm November, I only actually have drunk maybe 3 cups of this tea.   The purpose of the Raspberry Leaf is to tone the uterus, which would be helpful to do before labor begins and the uterus goes through a marathon of a workout.  A friend from church also gave me half a bottle of an herbal tincture called Gentle Birth by Mountain Meadow Herbs.  It includes many herbs to prepare for labor, including Raspberry Leaf.

At my 36 week appointment I got checked for progress, or in my case, the lack thereof.  Everything down below was locked up tight.  Right after my appointment I started my labor prep routine, and at my appointment yesterday, I was dilated to 3 centimeters and 70% effaced.  While these numbers don’t mean much, I can at least say that if I had to get induced this week, my induction would probably go much more successfully than if it had been done last week.  I can’t help think that these labor-aiding routines I’ve participated in the past week have gotten me closer to labor.

As of two days ago, I was not ready for this baby to come more than a day or two before his due date.  However, after hearing the progress I made in just several days, the news lit a fire under my butt!  While I am still not ready for the baby to arrive, I am determined to pack my suitcase by my next appointment.  Also, I am taking several social meetings off of my usual schedule for the rest of the month, which makes me feel much more relaxed!  I feel like I would be okay with the baby arriving next weekend, whereas before I would have freaked out.  In addition, I was sick with a cold for two weeks and just started feeling better mid this week.  I think I was nervous about being sick all the way up until labor, but now I know that I won’t be sick during labor (at least with that cold virus).

Another thing I am trying to do is enjoy these last few days or weeks of pregnancy.  I have arrived to the last month of pregnancy, where no one can no which day will be my last day carrying my baby boy with me 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I definitely want to cherish each moment and am going to try to record everything I do and feel as many days as I can!


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