True Femininity

25 Oct

Me finally looking pregnant at 35 weeks today

I have just hit week 35 in my pregnancy and I am getting round and out there.  I don’t know if it is my torso, my build, my height, or the baby, but I am one of those pregnant ladies who doesn’t look pregnant until well in to the 3rd trimester.  Some people might call this a blessing; I’m “so tiny” and “don’t even look pregnant,” but by golly, if I AM pregnant, I want to look pregnant!

I’ve had discussions with many pregnant ladies about their tummy size, their body size, and the comments that annoy them.  For many ladies, it is an annoyance to hear, “are you sure there aren’t two in there?!”  I have never heard this comment directed at me, I probably never will (unless I do end up having two in there some day!), and I covet it.  Pregnancy is the time in life where femininity is at its epitome.  Sure, femininity encompasses grace, sensitivity, and beauty, but it branches from the root of being female.  Think reproduction.  In order for our species to continue, we are the ones that grow a living being for 266 days.  Since getting pregnant, I feel like I have fully experienced what it is to be a woman.  While I know many couples who have experienced infertility, I am not sure how many women I know suffer from an absent fertility cycle or anovulatory bleeding.  While I spent more time cursing my period than blessing it, I am now reflecting on how precious it is and how painful it must be to not have the capability to bear children.

It saddens and annoys me how there are so many pictures and presentations in our society about what a female should look like.  We have been brainwashed to desire to be stick straight and skinny.  I remember visiting European museums years ago and seeing Roman artwork and statues.  “Oh my gosh,” I remember thinking in my teenage brain, “those women were so fat!”  I failed to see for so many years that males and females really are designed differently.  Women are not supposed to look like men.  And men are not supposed to look like women.  I won’t lie… I’ve even seen some cross dressers in my day and found myself feeling a little bit jealous.  “It isn’t fair!  He has no hips!  He can wear size zero!”  That is how backwards our society has become.  Those guys dressing as girls were the furthest from looking female as biology designed.

A current Hollywood star

If you look at the picture to the left and compare it to the pictures below, to which sex does Cameron Diaz most look like?  Now, I like Cameron Diaz, I really do.  I am really happy she is so fit and healthy.  In fact, there are probably much better pictures of more emaciated stars, but she was just at the top of a quick search.  But, it goes to prove a point that we are idolizing biologically more masculine figures for women.  We need to be inundated visually with truer body images.

I am so happy that I have been able to experience pregnancy two times fully.  Sure, it was a little scary at first to step on the scale.  I frequented the scale and had conditioned myself to see a certain number and to get excited to see smaller ones along the years.  But when I kept seeing the number go up, up and up, I was somehow able to refrain from panicking.  I think it is because I realized that a big, swollen belly happily boasts loudly to everyone, “I AM A WOMAN!”  I don’t have to dye and curl my hair.  I don’t have to cake make up on.  I don’t have to wear lace and dresses.  All I have to do is simply BE.  My uterus does it all.  While my complexion is far from having that pregnancy glow, I am sure my countenance displays it well.  I could be no more feminine at any other point in my life.  I am at the peak of true femininity and will embrace this utter beauty for five more weeks.

An ancient male sculpture

Notice a real female’s thighs and soft belly!

2 Responses to “True Femininity”

  1. lifefullofjules 25 October 2012 at 13:11 #

    I must say, this post has shocked me.. In a good way. Although I am not, or have been pregnant (oh yes, all great statements come from people without children right?).. I have always had the thought process of when I am pregnant I do not want that to be the focus. I am the larger personality. It does not define me, it is only apart of me. Yes, call me selfish/feminist ect. However, you have put it in such a different perspective. I have never had the thought of “embracing it” for what it is. You have challenged my thought process. I like that. Thank you!

    • Rachel 25 October 2012 at 13:32 #

      Thank you for your comment! I wish you luck if and when you do embark upon the pregnancy journey!

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