A Different Dehydration

19 Oct

I have to tell you, I am parched. I just took a drink from my 100% full cup of water, and the next time I picked it up it was empty. Don’t be fooled either. This was not an ordinary cup of water. This is a 1 Liter souvenir mug from the hospital!  Either there is a little water troll drinking my water, or I have morphed in to a camel.

I frequently get so thirsty it feels like I have cotton balls in my mouth and my sinuses feel like a desert ground. I drink several liters of water in the evening before bed and it feels like I’ve only wet a looming sand dune with a drop of water. I’ve frequently mentioned how I feel like I just want to stick an IV in and hydrate from the inside out.

Last night I was my normal thirsty self and planned on downing my usual half a gallon of water, but I got so distracted I went to bed without it. The consequence? I did not wake up to pee! Mmm, yeah, sounds pretty awesome. That was the first time that happened in third trimester. “Oh!” you exclaim sarcastically, implying that consequence is of no consequence. But I have not finished. While I didn’t wake up to pee, I still woke up in the night.

I think I woke up actually because I was so hungry (I had skipped the snack I was going to eat as well!). And I had a headache that was borderline migraine which lasted all day. I couldn’t kick it with two Tylenol pills. I couldn’t kick it with caffeine. I couldn’t kick it with a shower or laying down. I finally set out in the afternoon to grab some peppermint essential oil to dab on my temples. My aunt had given me the tip on Sunday, when I actually had another migraine. I was thankful for the tip and tool it to heart, but since I “rarely” get headaches, I didn’t feel the rush to go out and buy some. Until 4 days later! Thankfully, the oil worked wonders. I’m off to bed now, 3 liters down in the past hour, and I know I will be up to pee soon, but at least I won’t be suffering from dehydration all day tomorrow.



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