Pregnancy Update – 8 months along

10 Oct

A very pesky pregnancy symptom that I have been dealing with for the last 6 weeks or so is insomnia.  There has been a minimum of at least one night per week where either I cannot fall asleep, or my personal favorite, I wake up at 3am and cannot go back to sleep.  Ironically, on a pregnancy ap that I have on my iPhone, I recently received a newsletter that mentioned how 75% of pregnant gals at this stage suffer from insomnia.  However, contrary to the finger-pointing in the article, my insomnia is not due to me being so uncomfortable at night, nor having to get up to pee a million times.  I simply wake up and feel “ready” for the day.  I say “ready” because I feel super awake, but still incredibly tired.

For my first episode of insomnia, I got up and drank some tea and read.  Today, I woke up quite in the middle of the night, and when I realized I was not going to fall back asleep, I made a list of things I wanted to do to pass the time.  First decision, do I want to make tea or coffee?  Another item on my list of things I wanted to do was read, which pairs perfectly with tea in the early dawn hours.  However, I was just imagining myself on the couch reading with tea, and I instantly could feel a headache coming on at the brainpower I did not feel like using at the time.  Coffee it was!  Next, yesterday I had gone grocery shopping and spent so much time menu planning.  I thought about looking up some more recipes to use in a few weeks, but decided that wasn’t fun enough for me at 4am.  However, during my menu planning I did find a recipe to make easy homemade bread (with yeast, kneading, and rising!).  I figured this morning would be a great opportunity to take time to do some mindless kneading and I obviously had ample time to allow for dough to rise and to cook it.  So, after brewing the coffee, that was activity number two!  I must say, it was a bit of a scary experience.  I have never in my life made bread (besides your basic banana bread etc).  I was following a recipe that was (as previously mentioned) “easy” and that even lazy women could do it!  I equated lazy women with easy recipes.  However, fortunately or unfortunately, the woman who posted the recipe seems to cook kind of like me…. just throw this in here with a little of that, and some extra “this” if you so desire.  I realized that this was an easy recipe for someone who already KNOWS how to make bread.  As for a complete novice like myself?  It was a gamble of my flour, grains, and yeast!   However, about three hours later, I pulled some hunks of “bread” out of the oven (they were hunks because I didn’t know if you were supposed to use a loaf pan or just kind of mush it into a loafy shape on a cookie sheet?), and timidly tried a bite.  And it was GOOD.   It was oh-my-goodness like pure Amish flavored bread.  I haven’t experienced that savory, pure, and almost living flavor of bread since I was a girl visiting Amish friends of my dad.  I had even lamented never being able to find a bread that compares to the Amish bread.  Even when my mom made bread every night in a bread machine, while absolutely delicious, hot and fresh, it lacked something.  Something… I will call it life.  When you take a bite of this warm bread, the flavor permeates your sinuses and you almost feel intoxicated.  After you have swallowed your delicious morsel, you still have a buzzing sensation of scent molecules bouncing around and resonating in every area of your head.  I am quite pleased, excited, and satisfied with my bread experience, even though it looked a little touch and go there for awhile.

Activity three and four that I planned were to make pancakes (to go with my coffee, of course), and make a batch of banana bread to freeze.  I successfully make some pancakes that came from a box mix, and before I could even finish, Fernando confusedly stumbles out to the kitchen at 5:15am, an entire hour earlier than he usually gets up.  So, my plans were halted and I did not get around to the banana bread until just a bit ago (this evening), but it was fun to have some early morning time with Fernando and eat pancakes together on a weekday morning.

All in all it was a productive morning.  I am not sure what I will do for my next bout of insomnia, but I am hoping maybe I will sleep soundly for the next 5-9 weeks that I am pregnant.  Is that too much to ask?


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