Free gender prediction tests

6 Jun

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here is your chance to conduct two tests at home to predict the gender of your little bun in the oven.  I give you the tests, their ingredients, instructions, and my results:

Please remember that these tests, to my knowledge, work the same way as the ones you can by at the store – they test the pH of your urine.  They have a 50% accuracy (although the ones at the drug store claim an 80% accuracy, but I haven’t read the research studies).

Test 1 – Red Cabbage Test

I did this test with my last pregnancy.  I cannot remember the results, but I think it was correct in predicting the sex of my daughter.


My results for the red-cabbage test – the result is PURPLE, which means GIRL!

Red Cabbage
Pregnant lady’s urine

Chop 1/4 or 1/2 of the cabbage.  Place in cold in the pot and heat until boiling.  Mix equal parts of urine and the cabbage water.

Reading Results:

Purple:  Girl
Pink: Boy

Test 2 – Baking soda test

This test is pretty simple.  Here ya go:


Throw some baking soda in a cup.  Pee in the cup.  Observe results:

Reading Results:

No fizz – Girl
Fizz – Boy

I didn’t take a picture of this one, because the picture would be pretty boring, but my result was No Fizz, which, like the last test means GIRL!

I have an ultrasound on June 15th, and I will be just past 16 weeks, so I am REALLY hoping we will be able to tell if it is a boy or a girl!

Because of the tests, I am really thinking it MUST be a girl, since they BOTH corresponded (although they reliable ways to test pH, and it would be like getting excited because the cabbage said one pH and then a pH indicator strip said the same thing – of course it would, duh!).  We shall see!  Look for a post on June 15th to see if the results were correct!

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