Napping magic

3 Jun

Little Hadassah skipped her morning nap, which, unfortunately, happens about every Sunday.  However, her routine on Sunday afternoons is consistent in that she will nap right when we get home.  At 3pm, Hadassah still had not slept, and any mother could look at her and say, “She needs to sleep now, whether she wants to or not!”  Since it is her custom to eat and then fall asleep, we were warming up a bottle.  I was trying to keep her entertained and played quite a few rounds of patty-cake with her. During the last round she gave out a frustrated, tired cry.

I decided to take a break from patty-cake.  I really like to sing Brahm’s lullaby to her, or You Are My Sunshine.  However, this strange thought entered my head, and I wondered, “How will Hadassah ever learn her ABC’s?”  So I decided to sing her the ABC song.  The first time she was looking intently at me, her eyes very round.  The second time I sang it to her she did several long blinks and her head started bobbing.  I realized instantly that this little baby might fall asleep on me!  The third time I positioned my hand to support her head and she was completely out.

I am always very jealous of Fernando because on those few nights that Hadassah has a hard time falling asleep, I do not do a very good job of luring her in to dreamland.  Fernando on the other hand seems to have no problem working some sort of baby magic, so he is usually the one who will take care of an overly tired baby.  So, the fact that Hadassah became like silly putty in my arms absolutely tickles me.


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