An Amazing Accomplishment!!!

31 Mar

Hadassah is wearing such a cute outfit today, don’t you think?

Cute little Hadassah today

Oh no… it’s time for the dreaded diaper change (dreaded because she is wearing so many articles of clothing).

Time to wrestle those tights off, then really wrestle them back on.

But wait!  Those are not tights!  Those are little baby leggings…

Surprise! These aren't tights, they are leggings!

Oh, cute little baby leggings.  Expensive little baby leggings.  How much would you pay for these?   Here are some super cute baby leggings from a brand called Baby Legs, for $12.

Baby Legs Leggings - Oh la la - $12

Guess where I got my baby leggings?  I made them.  About a half hour ago.  I found a video tutorial of these about 2 weeks ago.  I sighed after watching it, figuring it would be too challenging.  I mean, the lady in the video had a sewing machine.  I’m lucky if I have a needle and thread in my house.  However, today I felt inspired.  I remembered that I had a little tackle box full of thread from my

Me in the middle of making the leggings

bracelet braiding days from when I was about 8 (I was going to throw it away last spring cleaning session, but Fernando said, “What if we need to sew something someday?”)  Due to my super

The much sought-after needle

amazing Rain-Man memory, it took me about 30 seconds to locate this very dusty item.  Next on my  list?  Find a needle.  It might be unbelievable to Martha Stewart-like people that I am not even sure if I  have a simple needle in my house, but that is my life.

My mother is very handy and I knew exactly where a pin was – she had left it stuck in the back side of  Hadassah’s bumper in her crib (I know, dangerous) on accident, and I found it several weeks ago and  stuck it in a safe place in Hadassah’s room, just in case I might need it some day.  However, for this  project, a pin just wouldn’t cut it.  I knew I had a needle somewhere… I used to store it in the  bathroom, and I am sure I gave it to Fernando four months ago to sew on a button.  But after checking  in the bathroom, I was sure it was lost forever.  I started getting angry at myself.  What kind of person  doesn’t have a needle in their house?  A small sewing kit?

Finally, I realized (thanks to my mother’s handiness), that my mom had hung a little decoration on  my wall with… pins and needles!  I was able to use the needle, which acted like a nail.  I had to get the  pliers out in order to remove it though.

I sat down and easily and quickly made these leggings.  I feel unstoppable in my amazing craftiness.  This is definitely going to be a staple gift
at all baby showers I attend in the future.   I give thanks to crafty gemini for the original inspiration and to CarlaTheBubbleLush for the success I had after following her tutorial.

Hadassah having pleasant tummy time, without worrying about scratched up knees, while mommy won't dread getting off pants or tights during diaper change.

These are all the supplies I needed! Scissors, thread, needle, socks, computer, Kefir, and coffee


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