Amusing post topics – 1

19 Oct

After publishing a post, WordPress always gives me an idea on what I can write for my next post.  Usually they are quite cheesy ideas.  While I might enjoy writing about them for fun (they are reminisce of 10th grade free-writing prompts), I doubt anyone would really want to read my thoughts on the topic.

Latest WordPress blog suggestion: The funniest show on TV these days.

I realized that I honestly could not blog about this topic.  Get ready for a scary revelation:  I am an alien.  Or, at least, anyone who hears (reads) this would view me as strangely as an alien.  We do not have a TV.  Okay, I take that back.  My brother actually gave us a TV last year and (sadly?  embarrassingly enough?) it is sitting in our garage.  We do not have cable and we have not even bothered to invest in the bunny-eared antennae.  I am not bothered a bit.  I cannot imagine spending money every month on cable or satellite TV.  That is some expensive entertainment.  In our defense of normalcy, we do have internet, and we did have NetFlix up until… about two weeks ago.  We decided to nix Netflix for two reasons:  1. Netflix increased our plan’s cost by $5 a month without even letting us know.  That was over a 30% hike in price!  Enraging.  And 2. We are trying to save in every way possible so we can buy astronomically high-priced plane tickets to Mexico for Christmas break.  I know there are only two months till Christmas break, which in Netflix-land only equals $40, but it is something.  And it is difficult to save in other places.  The only other “luxury” bill I can think of is internet, but it is important, since Fernando uses Skype to call internationally.

This is a computer, not a T.V.

So, back to TV, or lack thereof…that is really all I have to say.  I do not miss it or want it at all.  I guess even I think I am a little strange…

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