Nighttime Cleaning

11 Aug

It is a quiet night despite the fact that Fernando is watching a humming soccer game on his Nook with passionate commentators.  It is peaceful because it still feels like a summer night.  It is warm, but not hot.  The house is tidy.  I further organized Hadassah’s diaper stash (and speaking of the precious babe, she is sleeping soundly…like a baby).  I also just organized the freezer to accomodate my growing frozen milk collection.

In the process of cleaning out my freezer, I found a tub of (rather old) cookie dough that a student sold me last year.  It was half full and taunted me, “Use within 6 months.”  Man those things are expensive!  Why did I leave a tub of cookie dough go to waste on my time and in my freezer?  Then it dawned on me – I bought it just prior to the onset of my “morning sickness” (Pregnancy soapbox warning:  Who names these pregnancy ailments anyway?  I am sure it must have been a man, because I have yet to meet a woman that only felt bad in the morning.  It is more like 24/7 sickness… or I’m-so-sick-I-can’t-sleep sickness.  Hmmm, that latter one would actually make a fun acronym. I.S.S.I.C.S.S… I’ve got the ISSICSS.)

I decided to challenge the expiration date and bake some cookies.  This happened after the fact that I tried to dig in to the cookie dough and enjoy it raw.  It did have a funny taste to it and in the back of my mind I was hoping that I wouldn’t get salmonella poisoning.  You have to live on the edge, right?  I especially want to take advantage of doing crazy things like eating (old) cookie dough, since I am not baking a little bun in my biological oven anymore and therefore not responsible for affecting a developing person.

A very full freezer


The timer chimed after 10 minutes and I took out the hazardous cookies.  Some looked normal.  Some looked extra crispy.  Some looked goo-ily delicious (this is actually the start of the next chapter in Goldilocks).  I peeled the cookies off the sheet and Fernando was excitedly surprised by my evening treat.  As he got out a glass for milk, I nibbled on a baked cookie and decided that the expiration date wasn’t kidding.  I don’t think I will get sick from eating the cookies (the dough yes, the cookies no), but if someone who never tried cookies before had their rookie experience with my “cookies,” they would never be tempted to eat cookies again in their life.

I asked Fernando how he liked them and he thought they were great.  He told me, beaming, that he ate three of them.  I, on the other hand, was disappointed with their quality.  I guess I learned my lesson: trust the words on a tub of cookie dough.  I somewhat feel I wasted about 20 minutes of my life testing out the quality of the cookies in my little experiment.  However, Fernando seemed pretty happy about the “surprise.”  Maybe I should clean more frequently at night.


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