Diaper duty vs. Diaper FUN!

1 Aug

I l.o.v.e changing diapers.  I love it so much it has to be illegal in parent-land.  What person enjoys diaper changing?!?  I would like to offer you the secret to my pleasure: CLOTH diapers.

When you are using disposable diapers, not only are you dealing with a mess, but no wonder you are cranky when you are literally throwing your money in the trash.  And your money was spent on poop.  Or rather you are throwing your money out

While these are our cute pocket diapers, my favorites are the "old fashioned" prefolds (a rectangular cloth used with a cover)

because it was pooped on.  Whichever way you view your money related to poop, the scenario is never good.

According to the Baby Cost Calculator, my sister has spent $3,000 on her youngest child in diapering and wipes.  He will be 3 in a few weeks and is just now potty training.  She may even spend more if she invests in pull ups.  And she has two other kids.  So that means she will have spent around $9,000 in diapers!  Eek!  I have spent about $300, and I can see myself spending another $100 just for fun.  So that means if I have 3 kids (which, we actually want more), we will have saved around $8,600.  I’m pretty sure that is enough money for Fernando and I to go on that tour of Europe we would like to go on.  We are aiming for that trip around our 10 year anniversary.

While I like washing everyday clothes, I detest folding and putting them away.  Sometimes it has taken me a week to put clothes away.  Ugh.  But luckily, cloth diapers are so easy to put away, and I therefore do not mind diaper laundry!  I don’t have to fold anything.  I just stick ’em back in the drawer!  A laundry-hater’s dream!  And washing my cloth diapers is a joy!  Every time I throw a load in, I think of how I just saved $10, or however much a pack of diapers and wipes cost.  Also, I don’t get angry when I change Hadassah and one minute later she soils her new diaper.  She could do that all day long and with each time that it happens, I feel like I am saving even MORE money!

What about the gross part?  You know, washing poop and pee in your washing machine?  That IS pretty gross.  Until your sister tells you how all three of her kids are sick and have been throwing up and having diarrhea all over the house and all over themselves.  This is where I decided I could cloth diaper.  My sister didn’t throw away all those soiled clothes and bedsheets (and carpet!).  She had to throw them in the washer.  I asked myself, “What is the difference between poop on clothes and poop on diapers?” Why, nothing, of course!  The washing part of cloth diapering was the only thing holding me back from not cloth diapering.  But once her kids got sick and I heard what was going on in their household, nothing could stop me!

I’ve had people state, “Oh that’s so much more work,” or persuasively ask, “Are you sure you don’t need a pack of disposables when I go to the store?”  Cloth diapering does not even seem that much more of a burden to me.  We came home from the hospital with a dozen newborn disposable diapers, plus one pack of 36 diapers received as a gift (36 diapers = 3 days of diapers, which = $8) and have slowly been using the stash.  Very slowly.  I think we still have over 2 dozen diapers left.  So, the point is, we have used our cloth diapers and the disposable diapers.  We have used both while we are out and about around town.  Here is a specific example:  We have gone hiking several times and whether we use disposables or cloth, we still have to pack it out.

So, those are just a few reasons cloth diapering is dapper.


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