Girl’s Night!

21 Jul

We are having a girls night tonight since Fernando is at our friend Mike’s house having a boy’s night.  So far, here is all the fun stuff we have done or are planning on doing:

1. Shopping!  – Hadassah and I braved it together at the mall by ourselves to do the most super-girly activity of all (and usually my most hated activity, but nothing says girly like shopping!).  I actually enjoyed the outing – it was our first independent outing

Hadassah and I hanging out at the mall

(scary).  I was on a mad search for a Vera Bradley Baby Bag.  I saw that my friend Lori had one at church on Sunday.  We were in the nursing mother’s room together and it was rather dark, so I did not get to peruse through her bag, but I noticed it had the most coveted diaper bag feature – lots of pockets!  Two weeks ago I had my first gander in the nursing mother’s room, which I absolutely loved.  However, it was here I realized our minimalistic, free diaper bag was not cutting it.  I went to change Hadassah and sat her on the changing table and proceeded to look for her diapers.  The looking turned into an all out search and rescue, as I could not easily find the diapers.  I finally had to take everything out of the smooshed diaper bag.  Part of the problem was possibly the low-lit nursing room.  But either way I started sweating, which is never a good sign.  I mean, here we are, in church, Hadassah is wimpering, and I am taking the longest time to get her changed, and most likely interrupting the serene nursing environment.

Moving on… When I saw Lori’s bag, I thought it was the answer to all of my problems.  I decided to investigate this Vera Bradley bag and found it to be a designer bag – yikes.  However, I did find on their website that they had some prints on sale.  That’s my kind of designer bag!  Unfortunately for my fleshy desires but fortunately for my pocket book, I did not want to impulsively buy a quite expensive bag (even on sale) without physically touching one first, and seeing it in a well-lit area.

I dreamed about this bag last night.  I woke up with a plan that I would find a retailer in the Springs and examine one of these bags.  And if I liked it, then I could place my order for an on SALE one online! (Reg. price – $97  Sale Price – $65, plus $10 S&H).  I found a retailer at the mall and saw the much-desired baby bag shining in front of me.  I asked the clerk if there were any prints on sale, and much to my delight, there was ONE left.  The print was not my favorite, but it was not horrible either.  And, not only was it on sale, it was on CLEARANCE for 50% off!  That was $25 cheaper than the on sale bags directly from Vera’s website.  I couldn’t pass it up.  And it pleased my impatient self and my pocketbook.  We walked out of the store smiling.

Here is a picture of the Vera Bradley bag I snagged!

2. Eating girly foods for dinner – I must write a disclaimer that Fernando is a very flexible eater and he will eat anything without complaining.  But as for me and Hadassah, I did not have to feel bad about eating girly foods for dinner.  On the menu tonight?  So far, yogurt and a bagel with cream cheese.  I contemplated making pesto pasta with chicken, but by the time I was ready to cook, it was already 6:30pm.  So I looked in the fridge and pantry for the most appealing instant-foods to eat.

3. Pumping up the music! – Or rather, turning on the music.  Right now we are listening to my Enya station on Pandora.  Very relaxing.

4. Dancing! – Once again, I need to clarify – it is more like swaying.  Hadassah started crying, so I whipped on the Moby wrap and threw her in.  She needed some calming down to be content (aka sleeping) in the Moby without me patting her bum, so we spent some time swaying around the room in native-like dance.  I’m hoping the entrancing music will put her to sleep.

5. Spa stuff – The plan is to bathe Hadassah, all by myself.  However, we like to do the bath time in about half an hour, and I can’t decide if I want to sacrifice our other fun activities, like finishing dinner…

6. Slumber party – Hadassah and I are lucky enough to get the permission from our parents to have a slumber party tonight!  And we will probably be staying up till the crazy late hours of the night and eating snacks all night long.  It is going to be sooooo fun!

Girl's Night!


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