Cry me a river

16 Jul

My cooing little baby

Little coos and hiccups can be heard from right next to me.  My little rosy cheeked cherub (my almost 4 week old daughter) isn’t sleeping peacefully, but she is squirming happily.  It is a morning to be cherished and remembered.  I want to take a verbal snapshot of what I feel.  Well, I suppose it isn’t really quite a quiet morning you would imagine.  I mean, it is almost afternoon.  However, I have decided that as the mom of a newborn, 11AM is the new 8:30AM.  I’m still working on getting a balanced breakfast down.

Thankfully, I have been blessed with an extremely easy baby.  So easy that I’m knocking on wood as I type this.  She is so sweet and it just dawned on me that I feel like she never cries.  She cried once for a “long” time the other night because we had visitors and she was over tired.  And she does cry about half the time when we change her diaper (I don’t think I would be happy with someone stripping off my clothes in the middle of the night and swabbing my backside with frigid water either).  And even though she does cry sometimes when she has some intestinal upset, she mostly just grunts through it.

So I have heard of this parenting philosophy on letting babies “cry it out.”  If everything looks good with a baby – you’ve fed them, changed them, burped them, etc – but they are still crying, you just leave them alone till they stop.  I think this is a very necessary philosophy at a certain age, but it can also be dangerous.  I have heard moms of newborns (babies less than a month old) debating on if they should implement this philosophy.  I am strongly against that.

Like I said before – my little angel barely cries.  When she is hungry she roots around and sometimes makes some grunting noises.  If she cries it is because I have waited too long to feed her.  When she needs to burp or go to the bathroom, she scrunches up her body and does lots of grunting.  If she cries, it is because I didn’t scoop her up soon enough to help her move the air out of her little body.  When she wants to suck, she opens her mouth but doesn’t really want to eat.  She only cries if I don’t giver her a pacifier.  When she wants to sleep, I just have to be conscientious of how much she has been awake.  She only cries if she has been overstimulated and awake for too long.

I’m no parenting expert, but for my baby Hadassah, it seems like all I have to do is pay a little bit of attention to her needs to make sure she is taken care of.  Newborns are not trying to be manipulative.  They are just trying to survive.  Hadassah knows me and recognizes me, and I would even put she loves me.  But I think I am synonymous with milk.  She knows I can take care of a huge factor in her survival.  Thankfully Hadassah is not colicky (that is a whole different type of baby with modifications to the care described above).  But for the average infant, letting them cry it out means neglecting their needs.

So here I sit, a half hour later, with my still-cooing baby.  Content.  Both of us.


2 Responses to “Cry me a river”

  1. tracysday 16 July 2011 at 11:02 #

    My first was an angle just like you described above. My second was colicky. The doctor told me to let her cry it out. I still couldn’t do it. Twice I had to leave her in her crib to cry for a few minutes because it would wear her out and stop the colic fit faster. It was the toughest thing to do though. It just doesn’t come naturally to me to let my babies cry.

    • insidemeusmens 22 July 2011 at 07:35 #

      My first niece was colicky and all I remember is that she cried every moment that she was awake. It is definitely a different ball game with those babies and God bless the mothers of colicky babies!

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