Inside Meus Mens

28 May

Inside My Mind.  Why a blog?  Why the name?

I enjoy vignettes.  Some of my most enjoyable reads were in journal-entry style.

I enjoy thinking.  I enjoy creating.  I enjoy putting an interesting spin on mundane things.  Just like a photographer can make a seemingly simple object so inspiring, I enjoy that same challenge with ideas.  I guess that puts a new perspective on the word “simple.”

I enjoy language.  Meus Mens is what I hope to be proper Latin.  I don’t know much about Latin outside of medical terminology, but I enjoy the ethereal sight and sound of Latin based languages.

I enjoy fully capturing and grasping the meaning and connotation of a word.  My goal is that this blog with ignite the nerve endings in your brain, amuse you, and have you settle into your oversized chair after the read with an enlightened “Hmm!”  Travel on my mind’s path for a bit and let me know what you think.


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